The Future of Flashies

Did you know that originally, Flashies had nothing to do with flash cards…

We wrote a huge manual that covered the entire primary school syllabus, our way! Not only were our Number Bond animals within the pack, but so were many other fun stories and characters! Although this book wasn’t able to take off, we haven’t forgotten about them.

The next pack that we are in the process of producing is all about Times Tables! Perhaps the most infamous topic, and certainly in our experience the most important. Our approach massively differs from the traditional ‘boring’ endless memory related learning techniques.

For this, we break our tables into either rules that can be learnt in order, and then mini rhymes that illustrate the remaining tables. We can’t wait to show more, and we’ll be providing teasers on our social media in the coming weeks.

Ok then, but what else?

Well, we also have the preliminary designs in place for a pack that explains a series of all the important maths definitions, as well as shapes. For the definitions, have you ever thought about the best way to explaining what the word Total means? What about Minus? Or Double!

The same goes for the shapes pack. As adults we so often take shapes for granted, however we have created fun methods of learning them, as well as other geometry-based words.

How does that sound then? We’d love to you get in touch in the comments below telling us which pack you’re most excited for, as well as any ideas for other packs you’d like to see soon!