Speaking with a happy customer!

Earlier this week, Flashies had the pleasure of catching up with a happy customer, Bhavani, who’s been learning Number Bonds with her daughters! We are so delighted with how they have got on and they can’t wait to have a go at mastering their Times Tables soon!

Putting a smile of children’s faces whilst they learn maths is why we have created Flashies after all!

Here are some of the questions that we asked!

  • Have your children enjoyed learning maths using Flashies’ flash cards?

Yes, my child really enjoyed learning, using, Flashies flash cards, because they are really eye catching and there’s a simple story explaining the maths problems.

  • What is it about the cards that appeals most to you and your children?

They are designed in a very child friendly manner with cute animal characters.

  • Who are your children’s favourite characters?

Miss 7 the Butterfly and the the number 5 bunnies.

  • How quickly did your children progress through the Number Bonds levels?

Amazingly fast. Also easy to remember with attached story to each number bond card.

  • Could you imagine Flashies appearing in school classrooms?

I think all schools should include these flash cards as a teaching method.

  • Are you excited for the Times Tables flash cards which come out this Sunday?

Yes. I would like to use times tables cards in daily learning.


We are always looking to get as much feedback on our flash cards as possible! We welcome any comments, photos of videos of you using them! Never be shy to get in touch.