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Have you been told that your child is learning number bonds at school?

Well number bonds are a key part of the national curriculum, and without them, we wouldn’t have maths. But what are number bonds?

Number bonds are pairs of numbers that add to make another number, for example 7 and 3 are a number bond to 10. Our pack primarily focuses on these number bonds to 10, all the way up to 100. Being able to recall these bonds is important for problem solving and developing a greater understanding of numbers.

Using our cards, you’ll learn Number Bonds in a unique way, so that your child will never be in doubt which number pairs add to 10. For example Mr 6 the Hippo sitting on the number 4 chair acts as a perfect hint that 4 plus 6 equals 10.


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What the Pack Contains

The pack contains various friendly faces from the Flashies family, who will take you on this journey! Within the pack, we have 36 cards, that are split into 4 distinct levels. Once each level is mastered you can find some additional worksheets right here on our website for free, that can be brilliant for practising the topic after learning it.

You’ll never think of number bonds in the same way again!

What makes our Number Bonds cards unique are the characters and stories that go with them. For example, seeing Mr 6 the Hippo sitting on the number 4 chair, or Miss 3 the Butterfly with her number 7 antenna, really reinforces the fact that 4 & 6, and 3 & 7 are number bonds to 10. Mastering these in the first level really allows your children to progress quickly through harder questions in the subsequent levels, by constantly referring to the characters.

We’re kind to the Environment

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  1. Daniel Lewis-Green (verified owner)

    I have found these really child friendly, perfect to help my little one learn maths – the images make it really easy and encourages her to learn! Could not recommend more!

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