Can You Spot It?


A perfect family game to kick off a staycation!

Have you ever noticed how many different things you can spot during a car journey: be it animals, vehicles or random objects along the way. Well this is the perfect game that gets the whole family searching in a race to spot all of the items first.

Simply share out the cards so that each player in the car has an equal number of objects. Once you set off, the aim is to spot all of your items before anybody else can spot all of theirs. On the back of each card there are some fun facts about the items which will keep you occupied and ensure you’re able to learn a lot, even if it is trivia about wheelie bins or fire engines.

So, this Summer when you’re worrying about how to keep the children occupied during long car journeys, look no further!


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What the Pack Contains

The pack contains 36 flash cards, each with a typical item you may be able to spot during a long car journey. On the back of each card is a fun fact that adds a bit of trivia about the item so that the whole family are able to learn together! Inside you’ll also find a short instruction card that outlines the rules of the game.

We’re kind to the Environment

Flashies are delighted to be printed in the UK by our local friends at Metro Printing Watford. Metro Printing have 30 years experience providing expert knowledge, as well as a great service and products to all clients. As well as this, the cards are professionally designed and printed with a high quality matt finish.

FSC accredited

The forest stewardship council is an international body promoting responsible management for the world’s forest. Flashies are FSC accredited which means that the materials used within our products are in line with the upmost care and responsibility for the environment.




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