Introducing Flashies Times Table flash cards

Times Tables. Well, where shall we begin?


Times tables are undoubtedly the scariest topic for all young maths students starting out on their journey into maths. All you have to do is look across the high street and internet to see just how many learning resources their are just for this topic.


So often in schools children ask teachers that dreaded question: “Why do we have to learn this? We are never going to need it in real life!” and for many topics this can unfortunately be the case. But with Times Tables, we use them everyday. If you go to the shops and buy 10 cakes for £2 each you need to know how much that costs altogether. What if you were going to bake the cake yourself? Multiplication is vital for getting the recipes perfect!


It was therefore a no-brainer for Flashies to create their own Times Tables resource. But how does it work?

The most important part about our cards is that they continue to use a unique storytelling base to ensure that it’s as much fun as it is educational. The pack itself can be broken into two main elements:


Firstly, we have specific cards for the 1, 2, 10, 5, 11, and 9 times tables. Each of these comes with their own mini question cards for extra practice. These tables have been selected as they are typically a lot easier to learn, thus we believe they can be remembered at the same time. We really recommend learning these in order and only moving on once they are absolutely mastered.


Secondly, we come to the rhymes section. We realised that after taking the first section into account, there are just 24 different Times Tables left to learn! Thus, each of these 24 are the most typically difficult to learn, so each comes with a rhyme. For example, “I banged my toe it’s very sore, 6 times 4 is 24”, or “Look at the ice, I love to skate, 7 times 4 is 28”.


Amazingly, when combining both of these sections, every single table up to 12×12 will be covered. The most important thing is to practice. Once you’ve practiced, then practice some more. And then even more practice. The reason why Times Tables are so notorious is because they really are difficult to remember. We believe however that our resource brings with it the fun factor and structure to ensure that this difficult job can be made a lot easier!


On our website, there will be various free worksheets available broken into the same order as our flash cards so that you can continually practice as you learn. Furthermore, we will be posting various videos showcasing our cards in use, as well as our top tips for using them! Stay tuned and please let us know your thoughts about Flashies…