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How it Works

The Concept

The history of word association

In 1902 an experimenter called Pavlov conducted a study with his dog, realising that when he rang his bell, his dog became super excited for food! This can also be seen at the first sound of the word ‘walkies’, and most dogs will go crazy!

Teaching maths using visual stories, such as Mr 6 the Hippo who sits on the number 4 chair, thus showing how 4 and 6 are number bonds to 10, provides children a really strong bond, cementing their learning whilst having fun!

Our philosophy is based on learning by association

If you hear the ice cream van jingle, the first thing you think of is ice cream. Our flash cards have been developed in a way such that we hope that by seeing a picture of one of our characters or stories, your child instantly recalls the maths behind it.

We are not trying to invent new maths. Instead, we have developed a brand-new way of remembering the core elements of maths that feature within the national curriculum. We really want to encourage you to spend quality time with your child working through the flash card packs.

Too often in schools, students don’t entirely grasp key concepts, and this can create confusion in later years. Flashies directly targets these core foundations, because perfecting this is a definite ingredient for success.

Learning your Times Tables

How to get the most out of Flashies Times Tables flash cards

We recommend watching the video when buying some of our Times Tables Flash cards! Notice how we repeat the entire rhyme a few times with our children, and then practice them; first with the clue and then over time we can cover up the clue. If you learn just a few each day you'll soon see your children turn into Times Tables superstars!

How about mastering Number Bonds

Watch how fast we can learn our Number Bonds to 10 with Flashies

As you can see from the video, it can be so easy to learn our Number Bonds with Flashies fun characters. It's so important that we start by building a strong bond between the characters and the numbers, so that once your children see the question they'll be able to quickly recall the correct Number Bond. As you'll see in the pack of flash cards, these characters are useful all the way up to questions adding to 100, or even take-away qestions!

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