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About Flashies

About Flashies

Our Story

Maths can be such fun. But before this it can be a real pain…don’t you agree? At Flashies we aim to skip the pain, and just have fun!

My name is Joanne Parker and for the past 15 years I’ve had the pleasure of tutoring primary school maths. In this time, I have developed a series of unique stories that I use everyday with my students. The two main things that I always strive to achieve is for a smile on my students face, as well as for them to remember everything that we learn. This is the case, regardless of whether we are learning about Paul the decimal point, my pet dog Perimeter or any of my other stories.

It’s been amazing seeing some of the children that I’ve tutored develop into maths superstars, but I’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to show everyone, not just my pupils, these methods. Flashies is our answer! A tool that can really improve students confidence, as well as their love for learning!

With the help of my son Harry, who is also a maths tutor and Economics student, we’ve managed to transform what started in my crazy brain, into a series of flash cards. Together with Steven Tasker our amazing graphic designer, we are the Flashies team.

So please join us on a wonderful journey, meeting the Flashies family of characters along the way. You’ll never think of maths in the same way again!


Flashies' Philosophy
Jo and Harry’s Mission with Flashies –

To education, entertain and inspire a future generation of geniuses, whilst seeing a smile on their face along the way.

  • Educational
  • Entertaining
  • Inspirational
  • Fun

what parents & teachers say

Flashies Testimonials

Jo’s method of teaching through story telling has interested and engaged my sons, whilst consolidating their learning in maths.

Kristina Butterworth

Mother & Teacher

The foundations provided by Flashies has really set my children up well in their maths classes at school and in life.

Anne Roberts


These story-telling and visualisation techniques have helped my children to grasp concepts quickly and remember them!

Michelle Abello


These concepts are a bedrock to our children’s future understanding as they journey through the key stages of maths.

Jim & Sarah Gill