10 Ways we use Times Tables everyday!

Where do we see Times Tables everyday?


Here at Flashies, we thought it could be a fun idea to see how exactly we use Times Tables in real life! Times Tables are used in practically every single topic within maths at school and their importance can’t be exaggerated. However, let’s have a look at where we also see them in our day to day lives…


Shopping – Whenever you go shopping you may find yourself using your tables! For example, if you needed to buy 8 t-shirts  for £9 each, how much would that cost altogether?


Cooking – It’s always very important to get your ingredients correct when cooking. Sometimes you may know how many ingredients we need for one portion, but could be making more than one portion: What if 1 cookie needs 2 chocolate bars… how many chocolate bars are needed for 5 cookies?


Football games – There are plenty of times that we need to use Times Tables in sports. It could be when totaling how many points each team has or how many players are on the pitch. One example could be; if each team has 11 players on the pitch, how many players are there in 2 teams?


Travelling – We use Times Tables all the time when working out how far a distance is or how long it might take to complete a journey. Imagine if we knew it took 12 minutes to walk around the park, how long would it take to walk around the park 5 times?


Playing video games – Yes, you heard us right… imagine if we wanted to workout how many levels we had to complete in a game, know that there are 5 worlds, each with 7 levels, how many levels overall?


Counting people in a room – Or just counting things in a box or anywhere really! How about if we saw that there were 8 tables in a room, and on each table there were 10 people sat down…how many people would be in the room?


Dealing with money – This could apply if we were working at a bank, or just buying items from a shop. Whenever money is involved you can bet your bottom dollar that Times Tables will be involved! What iif 4 of us each pay £11 for a new game, how much money have we paid overall?


Building – Ask any builder if they use Times Tables in their work and I bet they say yes! This could be for measuring a wall, mixing up some cement of working out how many bricks they need. For example, if a wall has 12 bricks going across and 10 going up, how many bricks are needed for the wall altogether?


Birthday party – All of the best birthday parties are planned with Times Tables, how else would Mum’s and Dad’s make them so perfect? Imagine a dinner party, where each guest receives 3 sandwiches, and we have 10 guests, how many sandwiches do we need?


Speed of cars – Or the speed of anything really! But if we saw that one car was going 40 miles per hour, and we were told that another car was going 2 times as fast…then how fast is the other car going?


Well, there we have it…

But the list isn’t complete. This is just 10 quick examples of the Times Tables that flood the world around us. Can you think of any other examples, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment and we’ll always be sure to post our favorite’s on social media!