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What is Flashies?

Using flash cards like never before...

Flashies recognises the importance of understanding the key foundations in maths. These are the key building blocks to becoming a future maths genius.

Flashies have created a series of flash cards with unique stories and characters to bring these foundations to life.

Our Mission

Flashies' Philosophy & Mission

Let’s make maths fun! Let’s make maths flashy!

Our mission is to educate, entertain and inspire a future generation of geniuses, whilst seeing a smile on their face along the way.

what parents & teachers say

Flashies Testimonials

These story-telling and visualisation techniques have helped my children to grasp concepts quickly and remember them!

Michelle Abello


These concepts are a bedrock to our children’s future understanding as they journey through the key stages of maths.

Jim & Sarah Gill


These are amazing! My daughter learned her number bonds in 2 days and can relay them to higher numbers like 10s and 100s with ease.

Vicky Sargent


Flashies in Action

To understand more about how our flash cards work, please check out this video. We wanted to show our flash cards in action, demonstrating both how effective and fun they can be!

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