Flashies - Maths in a Flash


What is Flashies?

Using flash cards like never before...

Flashies recognises the importance of understanding the key foundations in maths. These are the key building blocks to becoming a future maths genius.

We have developed a brand-new way of remembering the core elements of maths that feature within the national curriculum.

Our Mission

Flashies' Philosophy & Mission

Let’s make maths fun! Let’s make maths flashy!

Our mission is to educate, entertain and inspire a future generation of geniuses, whilst seeing a smile on their face along the way.

what parents & teachers say

Flashies Testimonials

Jo’s method of teaching through story telling has interested and engaged my sons, whilst consolidating their learning in maths.

Kristina Butterworth

Mother & Teacher

The foundations provided by Flashies has really set my children up well in their maths classes at school and in life.

Anne Roberts


These story-telling and visualisation techniques have helped my children to grasp concepts quickly and remember them!

Michelle Abello


These concepts are a bedrock to our children’s future understanding as they journey through the key stages of maths.

Jim & Sarah Gill


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